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Some Quick History on How I Became a Map Maker for FS.


Once upon a time, before Farming Simulator, there was a 3D computer game called SimTractor which was created in 2003. 


The last Version of SimTractor was made in 2009 because Farming Simulator was becoming dominate in the Farming-gaming community.


SimTractor was graphically simple but had good gameplay options.  You couldn't make entire full maps but could make 3D modeled layouts to replace the farmyard buildings, and we also had the ability to model drive able vehicle mods but not implements.


In 2009 I noticed there was a lack of American building layouts for SimTractor.  So I made a couple...


I named it "Midwestern Layout" and from there I released a few updates all the way through to V1.03.


By then, I noticed FS2008 was getting popular and FS2009 was about to be released. 


I bought FS2008 and played  regularly with the default map but still had a deep love for SimTractor and was not really enthused to completely convert to FS just quite yet...


...But then FS2009 was released.....


So I found myself still playing SimTractor.  But I began making personal edits to maps other people made for FS2009.


By the time FS2011 was released, I saw a gap between real down-home American maps and the so called American maps in existence at the time.


There was not many (if any at all) down-home "Midwestern feeling" maps for Farming Simulator at the time.


Therefore the Salem, South Dakota series of maps were born.


The Salem map involved me walking around my hometown of Salem, South Dakota, and taking pictures of nearly every commercial building and some local farms for use as textures.


I chose three farms: Feterl Farm (my Grandpa's Farm), Bies Farm (My Great-Uncles Farm), and Koch Farm (Mr. Koch is also the local junk yard owner and his grandson plays FS as well).

The dairy farm was inspired from my Midwestern layout for SimTractor (Its the same model).
From there, different versions of the Salem, South Dakota map sprung about between 2011 and present.


Later came Jesse Farm (My Great Grandma's Farm), and other farms as I made the map larger.


In late 2012, I had a rise in nostalgia.  Someone made a SimTractor map in FS2009 but the buildings and textures were not authentic to the original.  Also someone had a WIP project for a SimTractor map for FS2011 for quite a long time which came to a halt...for some unkown reason, and I was sick of waiting.


So, the SimTractor series of maps were created to fill the lack of Farming Simulator maps representing the SimTractor simulator popular in the early 2000's.  This involved me using the original game textures and some original audio for the map.


I made a single sided plane in AC3D with the original SImTractor PDA map on it as a texture. This was to be a template in Giants Editor.  This was a guide to get the coordinates perfect on the terrain.  That is how I got the coordinates in the FS map authentic to the SimTractor game.


Again with my rise in nostalgia, I really missed the FS2008 map that I did not spend much time playing on.  Someone had converted it for FS2011, but there was many errors such as the grain tip point didn't work.


I assisted in getting this map fully functioning for FS2011.


Soon it was time for FS2013 to be released. I prepared to convert my SimTractor and Salem, South Dakota maps, but left the FS2008 map behind since it had too many errors in the conversion process.


After I converted my Salem, South Dakota map to FS2013, I realized how smoothly a 4X map could run on the updated game engine.  I had a thought....What if someone made a 16X map?


In early 2013, I embarked on a project that no one else had to my knowledge.  I was to be the first person to ever make a map so huge, sixteen times the size of the default, four times the size of my Salem, South Dakota map.


At that point, there was a blank 16X map available for future building.  But not a fully finished map.


I soon realized how difficult this massive project would be.  To help me start out, I decided to use my Salem map as a start.


Centering the 4X terrain DEM and map foliage textures in the middle of the 16X textures for the map proved to be a brilliant task.


From there it was just a matter of filling in the open areas around the 4X center on the 16X map.


In December of 2013 I was deployed with the South Dakota Army National Guard to Fort Hood, Texas; and Kandahar, Afghanistan. 


I found myself with lots of downtime playing Farming Simulator, and felt that I should convert the FS2008 map to FS2013, since I did the conversion back in FS2011.  Finally in May of 2014 I completed that project.


But anyway, enough with the past. 


Today, most of my emphasis continues to revolve around North-Midwestern maps, and I project that I will be one of the few if any who makes an American 16X map for future versions of Farming Simulator.


Currently I am working on model upgrades for the South Dakota series of maps, since the existing models have some cosmetic flaws such as paper-thin walls and etc.  This project will take several months.  Expect a new South Dakota map some time in late 2014 or 2015, possibly in the next version of Farming Simulator.

Giants Island


 FS08 Map For FS13


 Giants Island Download 


Known bugs with the map (which do not affect gameplay) will be fixed soon:

1. Traffic jumps by the village due to a large bump in the road.

2.  Beet and potato conveyor animations stick through the barn roof.

3. The Fendt 716 tires float slightly above ground.

4. There is no place to dump unwanted gravel once the road is filled.

Giants Island Credits:


  FS09 Fendt Package Conversion to FS13:

  Giants (Original Vehicles)

  Vallsta (Vehicles and Implements Convert)

  Feterlj (Fixed the Bucket to Accept Fruits Properly)

  Sandgroper/Golim (Headers) FS08 Map Conversion To FS13:

  Giants (Original Map)

  John Farmer/Feterlj (FS08 to FS11 Convert)

  Feterlj (FS11 to FS13 Convert)

  NI Modding (Water Plane)

  Topbauer (Water Plane Texture)

  Dahemac (Starry Night Sky Texture)

  Lukas/MDW (Sky Texture)

  Reaper9111 (Authentic Corn Texture)

  JohnDeereLTR180/Giants (Grass Texture)

  Bummi/Little_Arti Textur (Crop Fodder Beet Texture)

  ZeFir (Real Potatoes Texture, Wheat Texture)

  Profesional Farmer 2014 (Gravel Texture)

  _the_dark_ (Ground Textures)

  Sandgroper (Farm Fence V1.3)

  Frisco0177/Giants (Futterlager V1.2)

  Marhu (Water Mod V3.0)

  DjiZoN/Zidan (Animal HUD V2.4)

  Lecra (New Lighthouse Borkum Lights)

  Dimre (Billboard)

  FSM: Bluebaby210/Model Eicher/Fiat80 - 90DT/Webalizer (Custom Help Icons)


  J Willy


  BH13 Contractors





  Sandgroper did most of the testing, I need to applaud him for his hard work

East River-West River, South Dakota


World's First Finished 16X FS13 Map!


16X Default Map Size
                                     Agriculture continues to be the mainstay

of South Dakota economy in two ways. East-river South Dakota

supports a variety of crops in its fine, black soil,

and is home to South Dakota's largest city, Sioux  Falls, pop. 160,000.

An average size town for Eastern South Dakota could be Salem, pop. 1300.

On the more sparsely populated West-river region, ranching is more
prevalent. Also West-river is the Black Hills, which is a small, isolated
mountain range covered in pine trees, and the Badlands,
which is a land mass composed of eroded claylike dirt.


South Dakota is a big producer of corn, soybeans,
sunflower, oats, spring wheat, honey, cattle, and sheep.

You specialize in four state of the art farms,

a dairy farm South of Salem;
a chicken complex North of Sioux Falls;

a hog confinement South of Sioux Falls;
and a sheep ranch near the West river badlands.
You grow the crops listed above. Your much smaller, East-river
neighbors, Jesse, Feterl, Koch, and Bies, are all retiring, and you have
started to buy them out.


The PDA and overhead map are labeled with numbers and grid
coordinates for each location.. Enjoy
the sights both East and West-river. And
do not get in a hurry, withering is disabled. Potato and Beet are not normally
grown in South Dakota,
but you have a small field of potatoes to feed to the hogs.


East River-West River, South Dakota



East River-West River, South Dakota V1.1 


East River-West River, South Dakota V1.1 Alternate Link 


Giants 2.0 Update Required 


Recommended Mods


(The mods are your starting vehicles and can hold the fruits on the map)


Futterlager Tipper 


Futterlager Frontloader 


Pig and Cow Trailer 


CIH 2799 Axial Flow 


Seeder With X4tree Dolly 


Brent Avalanche 




Logging BETA Pack Updated 


East River-West River, South Dakota Non-Multi Fruit Version


East River-West River, South Dakota Non-Multi Fruit Version


East River-West River, South Dakota Non-Multi Fruit Version Alternative Link 


The Non Multi Fruit Version is the same as Version 1.1, except there is no logging, default fruits only, and the collisions have been turned on with the fences and buildings. You still should use Futterlager implements and a trailer to haul pigs, if you so choose.

Credits: Textures: Korn82-Grass Foliage Textures Models: Bus, Motorcycle, Chevy Van, Fuel Truck, Toyota Corolla, Utility Truck, Cow Model, Coal Plant Rafferty-Gold Factory Hermit23-Round Barn/Windmill Jayokay951-Coke Machine Mookyguy-Chevy Avalanche Sandgroper-16X Skybox LeicesterShireFarmer-Cattlegrid Brabant Beniot-Brick House Scripts/Other Mods: Frisco-FutterLager V1.2 Slopokee-New Fruits and Foliage Trees Kiddsick-Manure Sellpoint Idea at 4H Barn and Chemical Plants Marhu-MapSiloBand, Pig Mod Oxtar-Livestock Trailer Pontus, Solanz, Zippo, Ordaton -Logging Pack Timbre-Rock Music WMV at Full Throttle Saloon Fredzaza, Getsome2030, IEG53i, Goelem, Shangri66, Tento, Ghost78, Fredzaza, MasterXerion, Oxtar, @POC@Lypse, Seven777b, Henly20, MMagrarservice, Modelleicher -Original CAT Modpack Music In The YouTube Video: Luke Bryan-Harvest Time Giants-Xbox Trailer Music I also will thank TheOffspring for his help promoting this map in his YouTube Channel. Most of The Credit Goes to: The Farming Simulator Community, especially AlbertL who helped creating/editing several mods/scripts. Without his continuing efforts this map would be less great.

Salem, South Dakota V1.1 For Farming Simulator 2013 Download:

The above link contains a descriptive guide to the map, John Deere and Farmall starting vehicles, and a savegame file. If you use the extra content, you will have a savegame with American equipment, 50 sheep, and $150,000 set on hard. If you do not use the extra content, you will start with Deutz-Fahr vehicles and no animals. I do not take ownership of the above vehicles, yes I have proper permissions, but DO NOT upload anything here without proper permissions. Features of the map: 4X times the standard map size, mostly flat land, rolling in some spots. Roads are one mile by one mile sections Fields are scaled slightly smaller than in real life, but are still quite large Two Interstate highways Two towns, one based on a small Midwestern town; the other based on a city The small town has a small town feel; a school, church, 4-H barn, and Cenex gas station. The city has a Wal-mart, Mcdonalds, a mall, and lots of asphalt. Several homestead from different eras in time, based on real farms Withering disabled; feilds you own have crops planted in them Default crops. Buy farmsteads and field parcels separately. If you get lost, the PDA is labeled. The Farmers Market is where you sell wool and eggs; find it in the middle of Salem near Freemar Feed and Grain elevator. TMR and straw are dumped in the large gable barn on Mcgregor farm; Mcgregor is labeled as 4 on the PDA. Tip grass for the sheep by the grey silo on Feterl farm; Feterl is labeled as 1 on the PDA. Chickens are in the red barn on Koch Farm; Koch is labeled as 3 on the PDA. South Freemar elevator is on the North Side of Salem. Freemar Feed and Grain Elevator is in the middle of Salem. You may buy seed, fertilizer, and fuel on each farm; or in Salem. Sell grass and straw at the 4-H barn for double price, located on the South side of Salem. Please consult the guide available in the Extra Content Pack for questions. There are some UV errors with the map that do not affect gameplay. There are some errors with the equipment from the Extra Content Pack, but they seem to function ok in game for the most part. Credits: GMC Topkick: Muddbone1 Small Gooseneck Tipper: FS13 Ready, Edits, Scripts, Creator: Muddbone1 Gooseneck Parts from Trailtech: BigCountry Gooseneck Model: Hixes John Deere 80ís Vintage Equipment Pack (V1): Lone Tree Ridge Farms John Deere 8820 Turbo (V2) and John Deere 1760 12 row planter: Knagsted John Deere 4440 Pack: Greasersnoopy John Deere 714 Mulch Master: JohnDeere8300 Lone Tree Ridge Farms thanks Fraser Cow for helping him remove the jack on the JD1760 John Deere 8440 4WD made by Knagsted was excluded from Salem, South Dakota due to bugs Farmall 460 and Farmall 560: Jughaid Salem, South Dakota, Version 1 for Farming Simulator 2013 Most of the Models, Creator, Conversion to FS13: Jamie Feterl aka Feterlj Misc. objects: Giants Testing and ideas: Andy Koch, IH86, CC Manager Bryc and AlbertL (ground diffuse texture) Old Windmill and Stocktank: Hermit23, FS_UK Testers Round Barn: Hermit23, Giants for the water texture, and www.CGTextures.com Canadian Dairy Robot Barn: Fraser Cow Static Ducks objects: Sandgroper
Beniot Farms II: The Land of SimTractor for Farming Simulator 2013 Download:
Welcome Information: For those of you who are unfamiliar with the simulator SimTractor, it was a popular farming game before Farming Simulator because famous, and this map is based on it. I would highly recommend you visit www.SimTractor.com to learn about the game, (but if not, I am sure you will still enjoy the map!) I named the map Beniot Farms because the person who created the game SimTractor was named Beniot. Quote from Ben himself in response to an email: "About the name of your map for LS, no problem, I prefer that you use the name of the game instead of mine... But if you wish to use my lastname, no problem... Personnaly, I prefer "Benoit Farms". Therefore, I dubbed the map, "Beniot Farms: The Land of SimTractor". Intro: This map serves as a hybrid of the SimTractor 4.0 and SimTractor 4.1 maps. Enjoy the mountain feilds from 4.0 and the beautiful scenery from 4.1. Listen for original SimTractor audio features. Look at the original textures from Simtractor. The feilds are AI friendly and include new feilds never seen in SimTractor. The terrain varies from narrow, hilly, and snowy to flat, green, and open. Mow the endless grass through the mountains and flats. Some feilds are very small, but some are also large. There are many sellpoints, but there are also road signs to help you on your way. Cattle and sheep are on the main farm, and chickens are in a confinement by the new city invading the countryside. Map Testing: I tried to optimize the map as best as I could, and the i3D is only 29.2MB Radeon 6950: 60-62 FPS with 3 tractors; 50-55 FPS with 20 tractors GeForce 6450SE nForce 430: No lag whatsoever according to Jdeereboy14 I have about 6 or more hours into testing this map in Multiplayer and things were lag free for the most part, but if you get some lag, which you should'nt, I am sorry but perhaps it is time to save your pennies for a PC upgrade. Animals: Dump grass, silage, straw, and TMR in front of the dairy barn. Retrieve manure from the rear side of the dairy barn. Feed sheep in the trough by their pen. Chickens are confined in a large building by the city. Sellpoints: Use the very helpful road signs to find sellpoints, the PDA is labeled as well. -Distillery: Beet, Potato -Processing Plant: Beet, Potato -Mill: Maize, wheat, barley, canola -Trappist Brewery: Wheat, barley -Village Brewery: Wheat, barley -Biofuel Plant: Maize, canola -Castle: Eggs -Yarn Factory: Wool Sell straw behind the dairy barn. No bale sellpoint. Feilds: The feilds are AI freindly. Most of the collisions are off. Only default fruits are supported. The feilds you own are planted with canola, barley, maize, and wheat. Non-owned feilds are unplanted. There are also several grass paddocks for sale, plow new feilds or mow them. Most of grass on the map is mowable. Store Points: Store all fruittypes on the main farm. Store maize, wheat, canola, barley, potato, and sugarbeet at the old farm. There are two BGA's on the map, one by the Biofuel plant and the second by the old farm. Missions: There are three mowing missions, one by the fuel station, another by the castle, and another by the village. There are several pallet missions, most of the distances are fairly close together. Brabant, Beniot: Pole shed model, house model, textures, and audio SamN: The small L-shaped shed on the main farm FullPowerShift: The confinement building and large L-shaped building Jdeereboy14: Help with testing in multiplayer Giants: Objects to numberous to mention Feterlj: Most of the objects, and an edit to FullPowerShift's Piggery In The Mountain layout for SimTractor Credits: Brabant, Beniot: Pole shed model, house model, textures, and audio SamN: The small L-shaped shed on the main farm FullPowerShift: The confinement building and large L-shaped building Jdeereboy14: Help with testing in multiplayer Giants: Objects to numberous to mention Feterlj: Most of the objects, and an edit to FullPowerShift's Piggery In The Mountain layout for SimTractor
 Farming Simulator 2008 Map Version 2 for Farming Simulator 2011 Download: 
Ever play FS2011 thinking about the days when FS2008 just came out? Well now you can re-live those days, but this time you can hire worker, purchase cows, and use other features of FS2011. I have had this map for awhile, but there were a few things that did not work on the map in FS2011. I got some of these issues working. If you do not like this simple map, do not critisize me for uploading it. It is meant to fullfill the nostigala that some of us "older" Farming Simulator players have. This map is based around raising wheat and grass, since those where the only options in the original FS2008. The same fields that had wheat in them in FS08 are once again planted with wheat. However, there is no grass growing, you must plant that where you wish. *Wheat is sold at the port only, just as in 2008. *Wheat is stored in the same tip point as in FS08. *Wheat can be retrieved from the overhead bin as in FS08. *Maize, rape, and barley can be grown, but you must sell them, as there is no place to retrieve the grain if stored. *Grass can be sold at the farm in front of the bunker/clamp. *Grass can be stored/fed to the cattle at the cow zone. *Silage/chaff can be stored/fed to the cattle at the cow zone. *The cow zone is between the Chapel and the Village. *There is no working milk truck path, but you get paid for milk. *Seed fill trigger is between the green silos. *Fertiliser trigger is by the port-o-john. *I placed a bale trigger in the barn where the bales are, but it wasnt working for me. Recommend you use this modpack as well: http://www.ls-uk.info/downloads/10/9522 If you install this modpack, the original tractors and combines appear upon starting a new savegame on this map. Credits: Thank you Cadaver for the trigger pack I used. Thank you John Farmer for getting a cow meadow to work on this map. And thank you Giants for creating the original FS2008 map and vehicles.
SimTractor Map Version 2 for Farming Simulator 2011 Download:
This is the V2 of my map based on the simulator called SimTractor, created by Brabant Benoit. This was a popular game before Farming Simulator was in creation. Very basic map, the i3D is only 13.7MB. If you had V1 of this map installed already, just overwrite the old zip with this one since it is named the same, you will be able to continue your existing savegame. New in V2: You start out with basic equipment to harvest wheat. New in V2: Tip wheat, sugarbeet, and maize at the blue silos on the farm, but you can still only retreive wheat there. New in V2: Retreive maize, wheat, or sugarbeet for seeding by backing a trailer up to corrisponding seed bag at the mill and the trailer will fill, assuming you have that fruit type stored. There is seed and spray triggers at the mill by each bag and a seed trigger by the blue silos on the main farm. New in V2: Fill either a sprayer or a slurry spreader at the blue manure tank on the farm. New in V2: The PDA is now labeled as well. Sell all fruits types except grass at the mill. Maize, sugarbeet, wheat, and grass are the focus of this map since thats what was in SimTractor. No store place for barley, potato, and canola. Bales can be sold on the scale at the mill, in the open side of the milk barn, or at the old farm in the mountains. Store grass and silage in the bunkers, or dump it in the open side of the barn. No traffic, no milk truck, milk will sell though. I used the original textures, Ben from SimTractor gave me permission, and the models are nearly an exact match to the ones in ST. Feilds are planted with the same fruits as in SimTractor when you start a new game. Closed off feilds in SimTractor are open in this map. Collisions are on everything. Feel free to upgrade this map as you please but give the proper permissions. Credits: Bale Trigger: GIANT'S & Tom & wil. UnitSwitcher: Knuuud & Daveaich & Decker. MultiFruitLayer Installer: DOCTORHILTI & FarmerTobben & sandgroper & Tommy23 & Napalm. trigger's pack: giants software and cadaver (uk) ls-uk. Silage triggers: maca & defender. Blank 4X Map: Kleve. Sugar beet triggers: dodo27 & Strip Light-dlfarm. Also a special thanks to Giants Software and of course, the creator of SimTractor, Brabant Beniot.
Salem, South Dakota, Original Map for Farming Simulator 2011
Ladies and gentlemen! This is where it all started.
The atmosphere in this map is based on small family farming during the 1980\'s in a real place in South Dakota. -Multiplayer ready. -Map is pretty heavy -6 bar gates will not open in Multiplayer, but you can drive through them. -Map has several fruits, you will need multifruit equipment. -Grass by the roads can not be mowed. -Alfalfa can be mowed but you need a mower than accepts Alfafla. If anyone knows of a mower that works with Alfalfa please leave a message in the support topic, as I can not find one. -Cowzone hidden. -You can buy cows. -Use the milk mod edit to sell cows with included livestock trailer. -There are some errors in the log that do not affect gameplay. You may edit this map as you wish, but give proper credit. Do not name your edits Version 2, because I plan on releasing a Version 2 some day. Credits: Building Kit- GAXI/FSGAXI. ar1g3. Aussie Auger- Rustydog. Finnish Farm Buildings- Venom. Swimming pool- jcb535. Devil Revenge. JunkYard- Wolfheart aka Peelo. Volvo t22. Fuel Pump- Credits to orignal maker on google sketchup: gineste. Fuel trigger by:cadaveruk. COnverting VolvoT22. Objects by Sakarya- Sakarya. maison04- Duarn. maison03- Duarn. earnvale tractors- model/texture/ingame by andrew. stanford. reskinned by Feterlj. Pig Huts- Model/texture by Alex7530. Convert by masseyman4370. Old Shell- \"Ls10 objects producers\" team. Main Building- trucker1245. Hess Gas Station- dodo27. giants software. cadaver (uk) ls-uk. Gas Station Pack- troll711. Low poly house. with car port- Wizznall. Gas Station- Gaxi/FSGAXI. Shed- wouter. Functional store grain. and straw- Iron23 and LS2011 Objects Producers. MetallookRoadsigns- Thunderace. WoodenRoadsigns- Thunderace. Billboards- Spider100. Old Shed- Model by Fergus-payne. In Game by devil revenge. Hangar agricole 2- Duarn. Small straw shed- Deutz Fahr UK. eadams. swedish machine hall- gussen97. Building pack by: Venom- Venom. Axel of Sweden. Silo- Ghost1. BarnXXL- Tim Harder. Road Pack- dodo27. 2 x low poly houses- Wizznall. Straw balestacks- Emils96. Small Hoover DamBypass- Tonio87. FMC map trigger - Freelance Modding Crew. Gates: Design - Slartibartfast. Ingame- Slartibartfast. Testing - FarmerTobben. animation - Dr-uptown. sandgroper- diesl tank, cattle loadout, and fence. Ace_UK- starter map. Loose terror- cattle trailer. Modified Milk mod- original by aceofspades. changes by jameshbrandt. Shed- John Magne.

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